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The Oxford County Agricultural Hall of Fame.

The Oxford County Federation of Agriculture (OCFA) is proud to partner with the County of Oxford to present the Agricultural Hall of Fame in 2013!

OCFA has a long-standing tradition of hosting the Agriculture Awards of Excellence and this gala evening has become known across the county and beyond as an evening that celebrates our rural roots, and recognizes the commitment, innovation and passion of Oxford County’s agricultural community.

AgriculturalHallOfFameLogo.jpg: 1098x1054, 462k (October 25, 2012, at 05:31 PM) On April 3, 2013 at the 13th annual awards gala, we will recognize the contributions of an individual who has set themselves apart through their leadership, commitment and wide-reaching impact by inducting them into the new Oxford County Agricultural Hall of Fame.

The permanent Hall of Fame display will be located at the county administration building in the city of Woodstock and will serve as public record of Oxford’s finest contributors to agriculture, and a point of pride to mark the accomplishments of our farm leaders. The new Agricultural Hall of Fame Award would also see past recipients of the Community Service Award retroactively inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Attendees can expect to see members of the community selected and recognized in the same categories as in years past: Large Agribusiness, Small Agribusiness, Farm Innovation, Family Farm, Conservation, Niche Market, Presidents Technology and Youth In Agriculture

The 2013 Agricultural Awards of Excellence promises to be an inspiring evening of recognizing and celebrating all the best in our promising industry, sure to inspire winners, judges, sponsors and the whole rural community.

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